Annihilus - How to find and get a Perf Unid Anni


The monster Uber Diablo drops a Unique Small Charm called the Annihilus on Battle, when it was defeated and killed. Only one such charm can be used by characters within the game in their inventory space.

The Annihilus or Anni, apart from Ondal’s Wisdom, is the only item to provide a bonus to earned Experience. The sprite for Mephisto’s Soulstone is utilized by this item.


Uber Diablo

The Uber Diablo is a monster that is spawned when the amount of Stone of Jordan rings being sold to merchants reach a certain number. To know just how many Stone of Jordan rings are sold, you will find a notification being displayed on-screen whenever a ring is sold off. The moment that specific number is reached, the words "Diablo Walks the Earth" will appear on-screen as the entire screen shakes in response to the reached number.

The purpose of these words is to indicate the spawning of Uber Diablo. It will take the first Super Unique monster that you encounter for him to be spawned. You have the authority to choose whichever location you prefer to battle the Uber Diablo by selecting the Super Unique, according to your preference, you wish for him to replace.

The Uber Diablo shares a similar appearance as that of the Hell level Diablo and has been noted for being an undoubtedly powerful opponent. It takes his killing and eventual defeat for him to drop the Anni.

To take on the monster, it is important to possess abilities such as physical damage reduction, high lightning and fire resistance in order to defeat the monster.


The Spawning of Uber Diablo

The Uber Diablo spawns only when the specific number of Stones of Jordan (SoJs), sold to the merchants has been reached. Its original purpose was to tackle the deception or duping of SoJ’s which currently has become a rather outdated issue.

The Diablo II game is created on an IP Address or a server which, for a totality of 151 servers, ranges from .30 to .180 servers. Each server observes and notes the number of SoJ’s sold. The specific number of SoJ’s required to spawn an Uber Diablo has not been officially determined. However, it is very likely that the number may range from 75-100.

Once level 70 has been reached, the Perfect Annihilus or Perf Anni can be placed into the inventory with 20/20/10 stat and gains +10% Experience. It is also at this same level that an Unidentified Annihilus or Unid Anni can be attained which you can identify with an ID scroll in the game.

You can make use of different methods to follow the servers that are the closest to spawning the Uber Diablo. The easier one will most certainly join the Op Dclone chat channel. The most challenging part of this process is finding a game in the right kind of server. To find that correct server in which your game is playing on, you have to first ensure you are in the game, then click the Start icon of your Windows taskbar after tabbing out to your Desktop. Type in Run and then type in cmd. The next command prompt opening will allow you to type in “netstat –n | find "4000".

A line of numbers will become visible. Your server number will be present among them. That server number materializes before the :4000 figure. Next, you will have to repeat the process until your game is created in the correct server.

It’s worth mentioning that servers are not correlated. If an Uber Diablo spawns on USWest on .45 server it does not translate to it being correlated to a USEast spawn. Servers are generally realm specific.


In Conclusion

The Uber Diablo is a formidable enemy and one that needs the necessary powers and abilities to bring about its defeat. The Anni can only be obtained through its killing which is why an eventual battle with the monster is an unavoidable and inevitable task.
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