Ber Rune, Diablo 2 High Rune - The most valueable hr within d2

Ber Rune

A ber rune is considered as a high rune that can be socketed into items in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction.

A ber is actually not the rarest rune, but the most valueable, due to its wide popularity in runewords, the damage reduction and crushing blow mods.


Stat effects

Weapon: 20% Chance of Crushing Blow

Body armor or helmet: Damage Reduced by 8%

Shield: Damage Reduced by 8%

When a Ber rune gets socketed into an item, the item's level requirement increases to 63 unless it had already been higher.


Where to find a ber rune

There several places where to find a Ber rune. Such as within Act 3 hell, Act 4 Chaos sactuarium and act 5 baal.

Within the ladder only on the closed battlenet, it is possible to transmute 2 sur runes and a flawless amethyst into a ber rune with the help of a Horadric Cube.


Rune Words

Ber Runes are being used within 8 Rune Words:

Enigma "JahIthBer" body armors such as Archon Plate, Mage Plate, Dusk Shroud

Chains of Honor "DolUmBerIst" body armors such as Dusk Shroud

Infinity "BerMalBerIst" polearms such as colossus voulge (only on Ladder Cores)

Last Wish "JahMalJahSurJahBer" swords, hammers or axes (only on Ladder Cores)

Beast "BerTirUmMalLum" axe, scepters or hammers

Eternity "AmnBerIstSolSur" melee weapons

Destruction "VexLoBerJahKo" polearms or swords (only on Ladder Cores)

Wrath "PulLumBerMal" missile weapons (only on Ladder Cores)



With the help of the horadric cube it is possible to transmute 2 ber runes and a flawless sapphire to a Jah rune (only on ladder cores)
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