Gain the ultimate power in Diablo II with the ideal Runewords.

Diablo II - Runewords

In the wake of the destruction caused by the defeat of Diablo, The Lord of Terror, the Sanctuary is tainted by the evil forces of demons from hell. The hero must travel across this dark fantasy world to follow the Dark Wanderer and conquer the Sanctuary.

In these turbulent times, runewords are a formidable and unique item that can channel the power of runes to equip you with the ultimate skills for defeating all foes. The correct order of runes inserted into the right socketed item will provide the player with exceptionally enhanced attributes that make it a must-have for your arsenal.

Runewords are an introduction in Diablo II Lord of Destruction and can be used to gain useful skills and bonuses. Let’s dig into it a bit deeper.


The Magic of Runewords

Runes add some exciting magic to your the Diablo game play to make it more exhilarating than ever before. Runewords are a unique item that is created when runes are combined with socketed items. With the right collection and order of runes, you can create powerful runewords that provide bonus skills which are uncharacteristic for your class of character.

An example is the Enigma runeword which gives your character the ability to teleport. Other useful attributes gained by runewords include: Battle Orders from Call to Arms, Conviction Aura from Infinity etc.

Rune words were introduced in the expansion of Diablo II called Diablo II Lord of Destruction and cannot be created in older versions. Some enhanced capabilities and powerful runes are only applicable on latest patches of Diablo II LOD.


What You Need to Know About Runewords?

For a runeword to be created, you need a socketed item that does not classify as a unique, set, rare or magic item. Another requirement is for the socketed item to have the exact number of sockets needed by that particular runeword.

These conditions are crucial in order to create an effective runeword. In the case that these conditions are not met, the runes might be wasted as the added runeword bonus will not apply to this item.


How to Make a Runeword

The items used for a runeword need to be grey text items. This means that low quality, Superior and ethereal can be used while magical, rare, set and unique items cannot be used even if they have the right number of sockets.

Each runeword has a type as they work with certain item categories. To make a runeword successfully, the correct item type needs to be chosen.

An exact and accurate number of sockets is needed to create a runeword – no more and no less.

The order of the runes plays an important part in its success. The runes need to be placed in exactly the right order.


Some Powerful Runewords

Runewords work on a specific kind of item and fail to work if not attached to that item. Item types include armors, helms, clubs, shields, sceptres, hammers, maces, missile weapons, melee weapons and weapons.

Below are some commonly known powerful Runewords.


Beast (BerTirUmMalLum)

Beast is created with the runes Ber, Tir, Um, Mal and Lum for the axes, sceptres and hammers only. It provides a level 9 fanaticism aura with increased attack speed and enhanced damage.


Breath of the Dying (VexHelElEldZodEth)

Applicable on all weapons, breath of the dying gives player the capability to cast a level 20 Poison Nova while killing an enemy.


Call to Arms (AmnRalMalIstOhm)

Created with the 5 runes the Call to Arms runewords gives additional battle capabilities including battle cry, battle orders and battle command in addition to the runeword bonuses.


Dragon (SurLoSol)

Dragon increases the chances of casting venom, Hydra and Holy Fire Aura.


Fortitude (ElSolDolLo)

When applied on weapons and armors, Fortitude allows to cast a Chilling Armor when struck.


Heart of the Oak (KoVexPulThul)

Using Heart of the Oak equips player with the ultimate skills Oak Sage and Raven.


Infinity (BerMalBerIst)

Infinity gives the player a level 12 conviction aura, level 20 chain lightning and level 21 cyclone armor.

There are 78 runewords in total and these are divided into a set of categories. Some common runewords apart from the ones mentioned above include: insight, spirit, chains of honor, last wish, dream, grief, King's grace, Nadir, Bone, Bramble Delirium and much more.


Defeat Evil with the Power of Runewords!

Conquer the dark fantasy world of Diablo II with the right runes and d2 runewords to strengthen your arsenal. Choose the perfect items to go with your runes to gain a distinct advantage over your opponents.

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