Get to Know More About Diablo II - Paladin

Diablo II - Paladin

The dark fantasy world of Diablo II unveils its righteous warrior class in the form of the Paladins who fight for everything they believe to be honourable and just. They is a member of the Knights of Westmarch.

These Holy fighters are fiercely loyal and will rarely question their orders unless they carry evil intentions.



The Paladin class was initially created to guard and protect the priests sent at the behest of the Church of Zakarum to spread their religion to the people of the West.

The Holy Warriors proved to be more effective in conveying the new religion to the native Westerners than the missionaries they were sworn to protect. This garnered them the title “Protectors of the Word”.

The Paladins resurfaced again, decades later, to carry out the brutal Inquisition led by the Church and slaughtered any inconvincible suspected of corruption. These loyal Paladins became known as the “Hand of Zakarum” owing to their unwavering loyalty to the Church.

The Paladins who turned against the Church and opposed the violent methods undertaken in the Inquisition, created their own new Order.

These rebel Paladins viewed the Diablo, Baal and Mephisto as the real sources of evil. The New Order Paladins separated from their Zakarum counterparts and vowed to protect the innocents from any harm.


Skills and Abilities

Paladins consist of different builds. Each build has different magic powers bestowed upon them by the High Heavens.

By lending their “Aura” blessings upon themselves, they can launch their powerful abilities and increase their sowed and shield mastery.

Their skills are split into Combat Skills, Defensive Auras, and Offensive Auras which include Meditation, Zeal, Fist of the Heavens and others depending on the level or build.


Paladin Builds

The Paladin class consists of the following:



It uses different types of runewords which are a combination of a dream helmet, dream shield, dragon armour and other things.


Dragon Paladin

They use a Hand of Justice, Dragon armour and Dragon shield which allow them to unleash their Holy Fire powers.



Utilises his Blessed Hammer through efficient amount of auras and synergies to inflict maximum damage.



Uses its Vengeance and Conviction attacks to overwhelm its opponents.



A Smiter uses its Smite attack to defeat its opponent.



This Paladin uses the Zeal attack to destroy its monsters. Zeal also has the ability to use Fanaticism against other opponents.


Zealot Vengadin

This one also has the ability to use both Zeal and Vengeance attacks and vanquish its enemies.


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