Step into the World of Diablo II - Sorceress

Diablo II - Sorceress

From the mystical world of Diablo II emerges a fierce Sorceress belonging to the oldest Mage clan of Zann Esu. Among the battle-hardened warriors of this turbulent world, the Sorceress relies on formidable magical abilities and use elemental magic to vanquish foes with great dexterity.

Despite excelling in hand-to-hand combat, Sorceress believes melee combat to be beneath her skill and expertise. Superior to any mage, the Sorceress is a curious and magical yet fearsome character of this dark fantasy world.



The female-dominated mage clan of Zann Esu is one of the oldest clans in lore and despite that, it is surrounded by a dense fog of mystery and intrigue.

This mystical mage clan has the ultimate mission of finding the purest form of magic that will help them ascend to a new realm of superiority from other mage clans. For this quest, they focus on elemental magic to one day render all other forms of magic obsolete.

Many centuries ago, fourteen covens of the Esu witches met and disappeared into the Eastern Forest and no one had heard from them ever since.

Recently, the Sorceresses have been forced out of hiding due to the Emergence of Evil that will be the ultimate test of the purity of their refined magic. By vanquishing the Prime Evils with their superior magical abilities, the Sorceresses will attain their true destiny as the most powerful mage clan in the Sanctuary.


Skills and Abilities

The Sorceress is considered notorious for inflicting high elemental damage against large group of monsters performing fairly well in PvP scenarios as well. With their ability of swift teleportation and ranged attacks, they have exceptional dexterity that can effectively be used to defeat fierce enemies with Hit-and-Run strategies.

Some of the most common Sorceress builds include the Light Sorc, Lightning Sorceress, Fire Sorc, and Cold Sorc, which use a mixture of Lightning, fire and cold spells for battle.


Sorceress Builds

The Sorceress class consists of the following builds:


Fire Ball Sorceress

Fire Sorc uses Fire Ball and Fire Mastery to deal a formidable amount of damage and destroys enemies with their fiery power.


Frozen Orb Sorceress

With a focus on cold spells, this build also adds vitality with an Energy Shield and is the most commonly used in PvP.


Chain Lightning Sorceress

Using the lightning spell and chain lightning as the apex, the lightning sorceress build is a force to be reckoned with.


Blizzard Sorceress

With the cold and blizzard spell in their arsenal, the blizzard sorceress teleports in seconds to rain death and fury upon her opponents.


Step into the Mystifying World of the Sorceress!

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