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Diablo II – Runes

A Rune is a small item or object that has no purpose unless the correct order of runes are socketed into an item. This is how “Runewords” are created. Much like gems and jewels, they are socketed for bonuses and provide the player with powers and abilities.

Diablo’s eventual defeat led to massive destruction which affected the Sanctuary enabling the demons from hell to begin taking control and corrupt this dark fantasy world. The hero is then destined to go on a mission to conquer the Sanctuary and utilize the powers of the Runes to face the Dark Wanderer.

Runes generate substantial powers, but there are no origins related to their creation except the purpose for which they were created for.

How to Use a Rune?

If used properly, Runes provide additional powers to armors or shields as opposed to weapons. Runes can also be upgraded to a certain degree and deliver more power enhancement abilities.

Upgrading Runes

It takes at least 2 or 3 of one type of Runes combined in the Horadric Cube to upgrade the rune to a higher level. Similarly, those higher levels of runes can also be upgraded, but the process requires an added gem to materialize it. A single character player can upgrade the runes higher than Dol with ladder characters.

What Are High Runes?

The term High Runes or HRs is basically used for runes that pertain to being the most valuable out of the other runes. These runes can include Zod or Mal. HRs were used to replace the Stone of Jordan Ring or SoJ as a replaceable currency by players in the Diablo II, Lord of Destruction, expansion. The HR value declines in retrospect of the stabilizing economy. This makes it a much easier item to buy runes that are necessary in the creation of Runewords.

List of Runes

It should be noted that these runes do not work on regular They are usually created by other Runes through the Horadric Cube. The more rare ones that are considered the most useful for players are as follows:


Ber is created by two Sur runes and one flawless Amethyst. It is the type of Rune known for its considerable rarity.

It is needed in eight Runewords which include Beast, Chains of Honor, Enigma, Eternity, Destruction, Infinity, Last Wish, and Wrath.


Another rare rune in Diablo II, The Jah is conceived from two Ber runes and one Flawless Sapphire.

It is a requirement for ten Runewords which includes Enigma, Famine, Fury, Brand, Destruction, Dream, Faith, Ice, Last Wish, and Phoenix.


It is created by Two Cham runes and one Flawless Emerald and is considered the rarest out of all runes.

It is required for only Breath of the Dying runeword.


It takes two Vex runes and one Emerald to create an Ohm rune which is another rare item in Diablo II. It is required for seven Runewords like Bramble, Call to Arms, Chaos, Doom, Exile, Famine, and Faith.


The rare Lo rune is created by two Ohm runes and one Diamond.

It is needed in ten Runewords like Doom, Hand of Justice, Brand, Destruction, Dragon, Fortitude, Grief, Ice, Phoenix, and Pride.


It is another rare rune created by two Gul runes and one Ruby.

It is required in Runewords like Breath of the Dying, Exile, Heart of the Oak, Silence, Death, Destruction, and Phoenix.


This rune is created by two Mal runes and one Amethyst. It is needed in Call to arms, Cain of honor, Delirium, Eternity, Exile, Silence, and Infinity Runewords.


Two Jah runes and one Flawless Ruby are used in the creation of the Cham rune. Cham is used in Doom, Hand of Justice, and Pride Runewords.


Two Ist runes and one Sapphire are used in the creation of a Gul Rune. It is needed in Fury, Kingslayer, Principle, Brand, Death, and Rift Runewords.


Pul is created from three Lem runes and one Flawed Emerald. It is required in Enlightenment, Gloom, and Heart of the Oak, and Stone Runewords.


Um rune is created by two Pul runes and one Flawed Diamond. It is required in Beast, Bone, Chaos, Doom, Chains of Honor, Crescent Moon, Duress, Gloom, Kingslayer, and Stone Runewords.


Mal rune is created by two Um runes and one Topaz. It is needed in Beast, Call to arms, Kingslayer, Prudence, Rain, Sanctuary, Venom, Brand, Grief, Infinity, Last Wish, Oath, and Wrath runewords.


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