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  1. Arctic Horn

    Arctic Horn

    Arctic Horn Short War BowTwo-Hand Damage: 9 to 21 Required Level: 2 Required Strength: 35 Required Dexterity: 55 Base Weapon Speed: [0]20% Bonus To Attack Rating +50% Enhanced Damage Learn More
    Resurrected Ladder (PC)
  2. M'avina's Caster

    M'avina's Caster

    M'avina's Caster Grand Matron BowDamage: 40-207 Required Level: 70 Required Strength: 108 Required Dexterity: 152 Base Weapon Speed: [10] (Amazon Only)+188% Enhanced Damage +40% Increased Attack Speed +50 To Attack Rating Fires Magic Arrows [Level 1] Learn More
    Resurrected Ladder (PC)
  3. Vidala's Barb

    Vidala's Barb

    Vidala's Barb Long Battle BowTwo Hand Damage: 3 to 18 Required Dexterity: 50 Required Strength: 40 Required Level: 14Adds 1-20 lightning damage Learn More
    Resurrected Ladder (PC)
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3 Item(s)