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Fire Bow Equipment (Power) w/ Merc

Fire Bow Equipment (Power) w/ Merc

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Resurrected Game Mode

Harlequin Crest Shako - 141 Defense - Perfect
Fortitude Archon Plate or Dusk Shroud
Brand Grand Matron Bow +3 Bow Skills & 320+ ED
Highlord's Wrath
2x Stone of Jordan
Nosferatu's Coil 7% ll
Bloodfist - 20 ED
Gore Rider - 200% ED - Perfect
Amazon Hellfire 15-19 Resist All/15-19 Stats
9 x Pack Amazon Bow Skills GC (plain)

Call To Arms CS/Flail + 6 BO
Spirit Monarch - 35% FCR

Infinity Cryptic Axe - Ethereal or Thresher - Ethereal
Fortitude Archon Plate - Ethereal
Crown of Thieves - Ethereal

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